The Principal

Pradeep Kumar Baliarsingh , E-Mail , Mob: - +91- 9437967403

An eminent academician with multitude of experience in academics and adminstration, he has been a source of inspiration since his association with the college. Over the period of time he has continuoulsy interacted with the teachers to ensure that the college maintains a holistic approach to learning. He emphasised on increasing student-teacher interaction and introduced tutorial classes for slow learners.

Congratulation on your success in the High School Cerificate Examination. We welcome you all to the Khandapada Industrial Training Centre (KITC) which is managed by Mahalaxmi Binidini Memorial Charitable Trust. The people behiind the Institute are group of highly qualified, commited and dedicated person who have established themeselves in the academic and industrial fields. KITC not only complies as an educaional institution, it is like a family, where the students will share our resources in an atmosphere of mutual goodwill and understanding. The Institute is committed to impart quality and pragmatic education to the student with special emphasis on gaining through prctical knowledge which will help them to get absorbed in the industry. Simultaneously, the institute will endeavor the values of discipline, punctuality, workculture, the students, thereby grooming their personality.The institute has made arrangements with many established and new industries who have agreed top facilitate placement of our students, those sucessfully complete the course. So, through this bulletin I invite all the bright and talented young boys and girls to be a part of the institute and cope up the course curriculum as we have designed under care and guidance of our experienced faculty. Once admitted to this instiutte, each of you will be brought under personal care and guidance, wehre in you will not only learn dilligently, but also develop your potentiality and perosonality to face the challenges ahead.

I wish you all the very best of your career.